We are happy to announce that we have three very talented actors playing our lead characters.

We are thrilled to be introducing Ryan Tonkin playing the lead ‘Mike.’
British newcomer, Ryan, possesses a fresh energy and we can safely say that we are truly looking forward to seeing him on screen 😉

One of the key intentions of SUNBURN is to support up and coming actors and to celebrate diversity and with Ryan joining our existing international cast, we are happy to say that he is a great addition to the team.
Ryan has appeared in ‘After The Fall’ where he played the role of ‘Quentin.’ We are excited to see him shine playing the role of ‘Mike’ in the low budget horror/thriller SUNBURN.

We are also very excited to announce our leading actress! Playing the role of the alluring ‘Lucia’ is the very beautiful and talented Helena Antonio.




Coming from anscreen-shot-2016-10-11-at-22-16-48 acting background in Madrid and Milan, Helena contributes to the international element of SUNBURN. She has appeared in numerous commercials, shorts and features. In 2015 Helena played the role of ‘Rosa’ in the short ‘Arrivederci Rosa.’

We are very lucky to have such a beautiful and diverse actress on board. Helena’s recent appearances have been in the feature film ‘Sin Face’ where she plays the role of ‘Mia’ and in the series ‘Sisara’ where she plays ‘Emma.’




We are happy to announce the first of our supporting actors. Playing the role of ‘Pedro’ in the horror/thriller SUNBURN is Carlos Martin.screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-22-16-54

We are thrilled that Carlos is on board! He has featured in a number of popular Spanish TV series including ‘Aguila Roja,’ ‘Internado’ and ‘Ministerio del Tiempo.’

SUNBURN is a multilingual, international film so we are lucky to have an international actor involved. Carlos has appeared in commercials in Argentina, Turkey, Spain and France as well as appearing in the UK film ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ which is directed by Stephen Frears.

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