Director Anthony Alleyne And The Sunburn Production


Director Anthony Alleyne & The Sunburn Production

Multi award winning director Anthony Alleyne’s debut feature; Sunburn, follows a young American tourist who goes looking for his friend in a remote village where his involvement with a local woman leaves his life in critical danger.
Principle photography has just begun on this production in Spain. You will not want to miss this isolate horror taking you down the unlaid path where the thrill of adventure turns into terror. Think Hostel, meets The Hills Have Eyes, meets Misery.
The film stars Ryan Tonkin, a talented UK newcomer who is believed will be extremely popular among female audiences. Beautiful Spanish/Italian actress Helena Antonio, and Spanish actor Carlos Martin.
Two UK production companies, Born Wild & Proper Charlie, have teamed up with a Spanish co -producer Adrian Bellido to make an internationally appealing film set in a small village in Spain where the stunning mountainous landscapes and deserted land provide the backdrop to a seesaw of terror and relief that you just can’t get off.
Although Sunburn is micro budget feature, the feature boasts extremely high production values using a SonyF55 and vintage Schneider lenses.
Director Anthony Alleyne is a member of BAFTA and also tutors at Met Film School in Ealing Studios. He has assembled a very talented team for the shooting of SUNBURN. The international cast and crew have been selected individually to contribute to the filming.

The clever horror film has been long awaited and has had 1 year rehearsal times where the actors rehearsed in London and then flew out to Spain to shoot the film. The script has evolved naturally with the actors and freedom was given so that the actors could really create the characters themselves.
Sunburn will be out March 2017. We are very excited about this UK- Spanish Co Production.

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