In the modern political climate, we can all admit that we are a little concerned as to what may come for the UK film industry. How will Brexit affect Film and Production in the UK and across Europe?How will the content of what we see and want to promote on our screens change? How will the rest of Europe react to films produced in the UK?

It is safe to say that there is an air of uncertainty and all we can do is wait and see.

With that being said, the UK has many talented writers and directors waiting to make debut features and the political and economic climate is not going to stop them! For years we have been surrounded by excellent collaborations in film showcasing real talent.

British film does not have to always be a dreary representation of the UK to be valued. Despite Shane Meadows films being admirable in their way of depicting life in certain northern parts of the UK, it does not mean that British Film has to stick to its decided reputation of ‘grey atmosphere’ and ‘hard done by’ characters.

There have been many fantastic films co produced by companies in the UK and the rest of Europe. The collaboration is a valuable entity and makes what was deemed impossible in film, possible. The merging of two production companies from different parts of the world can enable a film to have an international appeal and therefore a larger market.

Yes it is possible to have a UK production company fly out to shoot in another European company but this can miss a trick. If two companies from different parts of the UK are involved, there will be a merging of culture and design that will become unique to that film.

SUNBURN, which is a debut feature film by writer/director Anthony Alleyne, follows a young American backpacker as goes looking for his missing friend in an isolated Spanish village. There he becomes entangled with an alluring but dangerous local woman. As she becomes increasingly obsessed, Mike escapes only to discover the true horrors of ‘Angustias’…

This horror/thriller is a perfect example of the magic of collaboration. The two UK production companies, Born Wild & Proper Charlie Productions have come together with Spanish Co Producer Adrian Bellido to secure a fantastic shooting location in the beautiful mountains of Adalucia, Granada.

It cannot be denied that this beauty and landscape cannot be recreated anywhere else and the culture injection of its surroundings cannot be manufactured. We are always looking for this ‘extra feature’ that makes art stand out from the rest, and SUNBURN certainly provides this. There is an understated authenticity running through the film where the difference in culture in different parts of the world is truly highlighted.

The bilingual film will be out in March 2017 and boasts a very international cast and crew. It stars newcomer Ryan Tonkin as the lead who has been described as ‘fresh young talent.’

We are very excited to see this intelligent horror written by director Anthony Alleyne & Adrian Bellido showcase a modern take of when ‘Misery’ meets ‘Hostel.’ Whatever happens with the political climate in the UK, the importance of European collaboration in Film is undeniable.

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