There are multiple reasons that horrors do not seem to be scary anymore! Beneath the jump scares and buckets of blood, horrors today do not seem to be terrifying. Yes I can jump out of my seat if someone shouts in a silent room when I am not expecting it, but that is more of a startle tactic..Horrors seems to have lost their power to some degree.

What people are forgetting is that the essence of horror is more that the jumps and the frights. Horror should be able to bring out emotions of terror and scare to the audience instead of just being ‘entertaining’ and being almost what you expect. Can a horror really be a horror when you know you will get a jump scare along the way and are fictitiously waiting for that terror moment? Is that even terrifying?

Not to say all horrors that include jump scares are not true to their genre, its just that there seems to be a new culture of the genre that don’t quite fit their purpose.

Horrors do not just happen in the dark!
THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a theme excellently explored by writer/director Anthony Alleyne

in his debut feature SUNBURN.

Sunburn is a story where an American backpacker as goes looking for his missing friend in an isolated Spanish village. There he becomes entangled with an alluring but dangerous local woman. As she becomes increasingly obsessed, Mike escapes only to discover the true horrors of ‘Angustias’…

The intelligently written and sophisticatedly approached film is a perfect example of exploring the arthouse horror genre in a true to form way. Described as ‘Misery’ meets ‘Hostel,’ and a perfect example that we should really FEAR THE LIGHT.

This bilingual, European Production is shot in the eerie mountains in southern Spain where isolation can really set in and leave you at the mercy of your surroundings.

Due for release March 2017.

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