Transnational cinema is becoming more and more important as more of us travel from a younger age, work on the go and meet and become involved people from other parts of the world throughout our lives.

Film has always been a platform on which great stories are presented that resonate with people. One of the very important reasons why films are made and why they are so popular is because people can watch some moving picture and either be influenced, inspired or emotionally touched. This cannot be done if there is  no representation of humanity in the films or what people are going through in the climate.

When you watch old films for example, they will have different meaning to different age groups. This is because the social climate was different for each. This is an important thing to bear in mind when creating films, especially ones targeted at an age group.

For all films targeting the youth, a transnational element is essential. SUNBURN which is a horror/thriller set in Spain and directed by Anthony Alleyne embraces this importance and targets a young age group whilst really getting into their shoes.

Here are a few words by the Director on ‘Why Spain.’

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