We can all agree that there is a level of pressure on Directors to make sure that they select the best cast to tell their story. Directors can spend years perfecting that amazing story with the picturesque cinematography and fantastic themes, however, the way the film will ultimately be received will be through the actors portrayal of the characters.

Amidst all of our film stars there are incredible well known actors. We can certainly all admit that they deserve their credit and we can understand why they are in high demand for those ‘life changing roles.’ However, there is a growing interest in unknown actors where Directors are looking for that something new where an unknown actor can act as a blank canvas for the character intended.

With that being said, it is not to say that a personal character is not needed from the actor, it is more of a ‘hunger’ where the actor is willing to really exert themselves. In an article by Goliath there are some fantastic examples of where Directors have put trust and faith into unknown actors and looking back, we bet they they are thankful that they did! Just look at Natalie Portman in ‘Leon’ or Christoph Waltz in ‘Inglorious Bastards.’ It is that connection between a Director and actor that truly can make the character come alive.

There are countless examples of where unknown actors have come on our screens and completely blown us away. Some can debate that some introductory roles can show actors at their best. We are all aware of the brilliance of Leonardo DiCaprio, however, there is a strong argument where one of his early roles in ‘Whats Eating Gilbert Grape,’ really blows us away and demonstrates his acting ability.

There may be countless reasons why Directors choose unknown actors, Spielberg used Matt Damon as Ryan in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ because he wanted an all american look.

In his debt feature film SUNBURN, Anthony Alleyne describes working with unknown actors is valuable because ‘they are hungry and really want to get into character.’ He also mentions that he likes to give new talent opportunity. SUNBURN is using international actors as it is important to the Director to be authentic and to have the right actor for the role.

We are looking forward to the results!!

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