SUNBURN has been in pre production for over a year and the director has purposefully done this to allow for extended rehearsal time. All of the main actors Ryan, Helena & Carlos have been working with the director over this period.

Award winning Writer/Director, Anthony Alleyne has had a number of projects in development with the BBC as well worked on script rewrites in both the UK and USA.

He has produced four shorts in the past 12 months, including Producing and Directing ‘Kerry’, a short
film/TV pilot exploring Modern Day Slavery. Writing credits in 2015 include the British low budget thriller, ‘Enemy of England’.

In 2016 Anthony completed Writing, Producing and Directing the TV Pilot, ‘Drones’, a psychological thriller/horror set in Texas and optioned two feature film projects to be produced by his production company Born Wild.
‘Plastic Love’, a dark twisted rom-com set in world of sex dolls, and ‘The Sanctuary’, a post-apocalyptic action-thriller, set in Italy.

The pre production of SUNBURN has been happening for over a year as Anthony believes in allowing things to happen organically.

Watch this short video on the unique rehearsal period of Sunburn.


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